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Discover Yourself. Transform Your World.

Sep 4, 2023 - Oct 23, 2023

  • 50Days
  • 1Step


Discover Yourself. Transform Your World is an immersive 8-week journey designed to help participants embark on a transformative self-discovery process. This program combines personality assessments, including the renowned DISC assessment, with guided activities to empower individuals in their personal and professional lives. During this program, participants will delve deep into the exploration of their true selves, uncovering their unique strengths, talents, and working styles. Through a series of interactive sessions, they will gain invaluable insights into their personality traits and how these traits shape their communication, collaboration, and leadership approaches. Throughout the program, participants will explore their strengths, talents, and values, aligning them with their personal and professional goals. They will learn effective techniques to overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate a positive mindset that fuels their growth and resilience. Let's start transforming!

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