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The Orange Butterfly Effect

The Orange Butterfly Effect was inspired by Michelle Rae Conway's book If You're In Your Twenties, Read This, where she documented her experience embracing positivity, transforming, and thriving as a young professional.  

She is continuing to share the power of positivity as an educator, motivational speaker, and transformation coach. 

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Michelle Rae Conway, MBA

Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Transformation Coach

Michelle Rae Conway is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, educator, motivational speaker, and transformation coach with a passion for empowering young professionals.

As the Founder of The Orange Butterfly Effect, she is dedicated to igniting the transformative power within individuals on their personal and professional growth journeys.


She is the author of If You're in Your Twenties, Read This which encourages young professionals to embrace their unique journey, celebrate their inexperience, and transform. 

Meet Michelle

Start Transforming

If You're in Your Twenties, Read This is a modern take on young professionalism and self-discovery.

If you are a twenty-something trying to figure it all out, this short read is for you. Prepare to start owning your journey and celebrating your inexperience.​

Not in your Twenties? That's okay too!


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